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The specter of a death often you upgrade themselves feel. . The disadvantage is that the opponent is plural elite, leaders BOSS when basically nothing useful. [Build] 1 call flow figures have tried to summon the whole melee skills, at least, by strengthening the younger brother to fight. Results have not seen them angry was a group of strange remote to seconds. . . Simply huh. 2 offensive. Melee pursue high output, this play on the equipment, operation demanding. Vampire should be enough output to be fast, to be more magic attack can not be broken. Tried to look too hard to find, but its fragile likely to die, to give up the. However, this approach can be used early. 3 human shields structure. Late recommended. Swordsman various defensive skills even point up, halo vampire + crit + defense, characteristic accommodation resistance, recovery. Plus full of blood. Note: The result is tenable, but playing slow, late would be good to use, the following said. [Select] left monomer skills, right groups. From the first page of the first row of skills vertically down, in addition to the knife more tasteless than the other is very good. The last one is nirvana. Various spike at the highest difficulty, even the name of the elite strange orange is a knife. Right flames early [hug] recommended a focus on damage absorption, point out the basic on rskfc the line, apart from its output. (Note that there is a third page] [Frost Shield, playing physical harm if soldiers do not point, put your blue pit in the end.) Is recommended after 30 [Frost] strong clear edge strange skills. Then [storm]. Several other cast either slow or mana consumption. The second row of the last skill, a skill essential to fill after a strange collection. The third row of the last pair of monomer groups are available, but the disadvantage is consumed huge mana. This rs will be a lot of blue smoke monster, not a low consumption instantaneous basic skills is not put out. Mana being sucked empty and you are surrounded by strange group in the middle is equivalent to a declaration of death. Either on drugs, or take the cut. [Add] attribute melee basic need to add something else, no brain plus constitution will do. Ghost far plus agility, near Canadian constitution (Note: If it is to protect the flow of the main ghost plus physical) As lucky ah ah, what money, look at the situation mess click on it, whether it is a week or two weeks mesh head I feel rs gold is enough stuff. Lightly brush a brush has a few hundred thousand of income.
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