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The street is medical equipment, pharmaceutical wholesale facade, on the first floor and the first floor is a warehouse fire, on the third floor above the residents out, go through the platform on the second floor and stepped outside connected with the platform. Master Wang said, because the fire is too big will the ladder blockade, he and many neighbors had a temporary safe haven on the second floor platform when he escape. Soon, a few sticks of gun fire with FIFA Ultimate Team Coins fire against the platform, open up an escape route, king master them escaped unhurt. Fire brigade reports, warehouse upstairs hundred households get more than 200 people to evacuate. After the incident, a nearby pharmaceutical companies sent dozens of boxes of mineral water distributed to the fire brigade. Two fire brigade fire brigade confirmed collapsed, the fire burned for about four hours. Fighting process, two fire brigade collapsed and was rushed to hospital for treatment. At noon yesterday, the Sixth People's Hospital ICU ward, two faint fire brigade was still hospitalized for observation. 7:00 am and they were sent to the hospital too, there were the fainting phenomenon. doctor analysis may be high temperatures lead to dehydration, may also be inhaled toxic gases. Currently, the two are not life-threatening. Yesterday afternoon, the South Bank area to the media informed that the fire brigade, the fire site is located in the negative layer and a layer for storing drugs stores, burned area of ??100 square meters. Fire extinguished at 7:00 in the morning, the fire brigade to help warehouse personnel shift drug supplies until around 12:00, medicines all transferred. Warehouse fire no casualties and property damage cause of FIFA 14 Coins the fire is under investigation, statistics. The fire, caused by some sections of the South City Avenue traffic disruption four hours, Patrol launched early this end peak emergency plan, mandatory diversion. 9:40 or so, traffic returned to normal. Entire article content area!
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I must think about that!

London Escorting
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