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The same story happened in the Great Patriotic. 478 BC, Wei Zhuang bring wives play on the walls, and saw a woman born with a head of wig outside the city, so the heart or evil, sent to the woman's wig forcibly cut down and made a for his Aifei wig,' early, see the public's wife since the city has made the United States, making the bald, that Lu Jiang Wig.' ('Zuo Duke Ai Seventeen Years') This wig is really selfish, absurd. Later, the Patriotic civil unrest, Wei Zhuang fled in panic, roll down from the city broke his thigh, limped to the flight. Saying is not the enemy does not meet, he just hit the young woman's husband. Zhuang pulled a rare Bi, said:' if you save me, this Bi is yours.' each other bluntly replied:' kill you, you can run the Bi Is it?' finished knife result of Wei Zhuang lives. wig wigstyle DIY, DIY wig wig, hand visible, beautiful DIY, my dear, have not thought about DIY wig wig, Have you ever thought to make myself a DIY fake developed people. Easy DIY wigstyles varied, seven days a week, every day, not heavy like a simple DIY wig wig can help you achieve! Summer, filed a wig, a lot of people will emerge out of my mind immediately sultry, airtight and other words. To tell you is that, like in the summer relaxing with amazing wig, select excellent material, exquisite wig is very important. If you want freeloaders, the new ZTE, Yanshikou, Thailand and other places average six, seventy yuan wig maybe just your meaning, but may have to endure the pain of the head sauna. Mall wig brand, price easily up to several hundred or a thousand dollars, but the advanced materials and human hair wigs technology not only ensures a high level look more realistic, its breathable summer fashion new push more money to ensure the wearing comfort. The trend of people are concerned, when the combination of different styles of dress and makeup, wigstyle, wig color should match. Single wig color, wigstyle everlasting already can not meet their needs. But changing wigstyle Qi as change clothes, changing the makeup so simple. Based on this, wig products gradually into our lives. Its style is more variable, bright rich colors, texture of continuous improvement, more and more sought after by Amy.
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