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I cite the most obvious example, most would prefer to use ordinary cars when Chinese travel, you will not see the Mercedes-Benz or BMW and the like, and most have a special needs that need to increase the bulletproof car functions. industrious Chinese in Brazil, the business grew and grew, the attendant risks have increased significantly. In Sao Paulo, the Chinese killed every year robbed news appears. The 25th Street stall in Sao Paulo, local police and even reach out directly to the Chamber to ask protection fees Ng Yiu-chou was Brazil's largest Chinese Association (Brazilian Chinese Association) president, and has served as vice president of Brazil's 42 overseas Chinese associations. For the Chinese in the case of Brazil, he said: Sao Paulo in Chinese business is a big point, some also with bodyguards. Brazil what is good, that is bad law and order must be low-key. opportunities to earn large travel agencies and tour guides, souvenirs not popular World Cup back to Brazil, where the FIFA 15 Coins Chinese efforts to bring a change of life, more opportunities. Sammy headquarters office opened a travel agency in Sao Paulo, the most important customer is the Chinese people. Last year, he also received the inaugural travel a single big business: Pakistan's largest trading group play to accompany and reception work. But this year, most of the profits from the World Cup travel. During the World Cup, the main business of travel agents are concentrated in Rio and Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, travel agencies offer guided tours of the open car to accompany peer service, expensive. Sao Paulo tour fee is $ 250 a day, working 10 hours a day, our guide will open car with a customer to visit.[/quote]
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Reading anything from a Phrase lot.
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