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Touhou Project Cosplay Costumes is one terrible of a monster. What started as a sequence of individually created topic terrible photographers is growing into a endless source of motivation for Japanese people activity designers. Many of the games unique off from Touhou include imitations of popular headings, such as Mario, Extremely Man, and Castlevania. Now, a team known as From Soy Marinade is working on a Beat Bros. copycat known as Touhou Extremely Beat Fights. Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Costumes From Soy Marinade has taken to Indiegogo to increase resources for Beat Fights, which looks to take Melee as a platform and part it with Touhou-specific functions and other developments. As you can see in it clip above, you'll be able to perform technological Melee goes, like wavedashing and crouch eliminating. Beyond that, every personality will be able to float like Apple or Mewtwo, there will be air holds, cause credit cards from the primary Touhou activities will be integrated, and figures will get into difficult when they try to get one another at the same time.
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