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a significant correction and localization release giving mysterious studio Perfect World Entertainment 'today announced that the largest correction is performed Service Center tendon. Included in the package and complete localization and Zenstore decrease. Before the end of the Open Beta developers study the mysterious happily back to the right and deployment of a larger correction on the live servers water, which was previously available only in test server. Great update Cheap FF14 Gil takes about problems notified players last beta lot, and intervenea nearly all areas of the game. This category includes balance, strength and order threat, waiting lists, the auction house, PvP, companions, spoils system, the gateway, and the user interface, quests, borders, and the bonuses and game performance. However, developers finally German localization is completed, including those available from the development of the game we have today ist.Bis start online roleplaying game reduces an ideal world, the player mounts the price of high quality, Umlernmarken, Zen fashion, painting, color packaging market ZEN. The PS4 graphics just like your computer a chance to play at E3 2013 port unit PlanetSide 2. According to a report by our colleague from GameInformer, it is clear that the issue of PS4 graphics, as well as Source correct Notes PlanetSide 2 will be the largest computer settings. In addition, the MMO it can also be played together with the Vita PS. Indeed PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation 3 was announced, but do not want to work just fine. Before E3 that Sony Online Entertainment announced (SOE), there will certainly be a PlayStation port 4. The show, playing a detective from the men to look at the copy PS4 now been taken and will be able to report some new ones. Thus, console content is always relatively at the same time, it appears at a distance of up to two weeks as on the PC. Graphics shooter MMO thanks to modern technology, as well as with Max on the proposal for a small reward Rechenknecht sein.Als used PlanetSide 2 parameters,
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