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You can take turns inthe challenges for a oneversusone high score contest, or enter in aroundrobin scoring match with numerous players in the party mode. The PS3 and 360 character models are morerealistic than those on the Wii below,but the action and environments are both excellentTaking a page from the Guitar Hero book, developer Robomodo incorporated a Stylemeter that when filled up allows for multipliers for the tricks, takes the gameinto a slowmotion look and adds some nice colored trailers to the skater topump up the optical effects. When it comes to multiplayer, players can obviously play on the same machine nosidebyside skating with multiple boards this is turnbased gaming simplybecause it can be a very physical exercise and you will want room to fall shouldyou lose your balance while playing, but the game will have a robust onlinepresence with every game type, except challenge the four game types are speed,trick, challenge and free skate the latter is pulling off as many tricks asyou can in the area within a time limit. Graphically the game looks solid. During the event, there were some minorclipping problems and a bug FFXIV Gil that had one skater going in circles in a timedevent contrary to the casual directed path until an ollie broke the cycle. Butthe game does a very good job with the environments and the skating animations.The Wii version was a bit more awkward with the Miis, but the environments andanimations were still solid. The musical score dabbles in a variety of styles with more than 50 artistscontributing to the soundtrack. There are also video segments that transitionfrom one event to the other masking some of the load times, and there are someload times, and some of these have a splash of humor in them and are worthwatching.What makes this game so dynamic is obviously the controller. It gives the game abrand new vibe and feel and elevates the enter genre. In 2009, Activisionintroduced a couple of new controllers one for DJ Hero and the board for RIDE.Of the two, the board will have the biggest impact and may
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