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Top Guides on World of Warcraft: Legion-Purchase Gaming Products and Services on

Death Knight guide
In the third expansion of World of Warcraft: Legion, Death Knight was the Hero Class. What does it contain? Well, it is all about a ghostly warrior that usually wields dark powers. In facts, it is a direct counterpart to the class known as Paladin. Currently, Death of Knight excels at both protecting the weaker members of the party by acting as a tank and melee damage dealing.

Forest Death Knight players now can only wield either one-hand weapons or make the use of two-hand weapons the best feature of Blood and Unholy Death Knights. The types of Rune have now been condensed into only a single Death Rune and also considerably simplified resource Management. Players of Unholy Death Knight will discover that the style of playing now revolve around the extent they will wound their opponents and how to increase the wound damage using some abilities that interact with it. On the other hand, Blood Death Knight always saw one of their primary passive mitigation tools, Bone Shield, that turn to active mitigation. Their new attack triggers active mitigation. The ability to heal the Strike of Death become more reactive and usually recovers over five seconds.

Demon Hunter Guide
A hero unit inspired many players in this class and was introduce during the third expansion pack for the World of Warcraft: Legion. It usually combines unparalleled mobility and a high level of melee damage. The class of Demon Hunter was designed before the launch of this game. It is impressive in that it can deal the entire melee damage load and still, remain always mobile. The class gains a huge survival boost through the Demon Hunter Vengeance specialization while still emphasizing on mobility. The specialization makes this class great choice, especially for those players who are fans of tanking role. Havoc Specialization also is most efficient for leveling and plenty powerful.

Your Havoc Demon Hunter will automatically gain the quest to possess an Artifact Weapon, as soon as you start Legion content. The weapons are called Twin Blades of the Deceiver. Possessing this Artifacts Weapons, you have gained great fury of attacking the Illidari. In fats, it will fit into your right of the rotation after your openers.
Twinblades consists of the most complex weapon trees. The path you need to take always depends on the talent choices, especially as you level up from 100 to 110. If you choose to go with more war glaive, which it’s focused build for enemies, especially to grab more enemies at once, you need to start with selecting Sharpened Glaives. Also, pick a Balanced Blades and then follow the sequence.

The Druid guide
In the World of Warcraft’s hybrid classes, most players consider the Druid as the most versatile. In facts, it excels in most roles in this game’s Trinity such as damage dealing, healing and tanking. Currently, this class fits any style of playing because it is the only class in this game that gives a privilege of having four specs. For those who are not afraid of mastering various playstyles and enjoy versatility, Druid is your excellent choice. Although there was slight trim of their abilities, Restoration and Feral Druids display some few changes that are beyond the further hybridization of this class. For Guardian Druids, you will find less cooldown to prevent damages. However, you can use them severally.

On Balance Druid rotation, you need to consider two primary resources. First, the Astral Power. In this resource, you can accumulate up to a hundred. Astral Power can replenish gradually by casting your Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath spells. The next resource is the empowerment buffs. How does it work? Well, you generate this buffs by spending your Astral Power so that you cast Starsurge. The game usually fits well into the entire Balance or circle of life.

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Do you want to have the best experience of the World of Warcraft game now? Relax. The sixth expansion pack of Legion is perfect into full-swing at this moment. Most players around the world are very busy progressing their favorite classes on the new questing contents of this game. They are working hard to pursuit the new level cap 110. However, most people are trying to play this game, but all in vain. Are you one of them? You don’t need to worry. Here are the best WoW guides. The guides are meant to put together all the players and fans in one place.
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