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Hi Isabelle! buy jewelry canada online Ah, well, it's good that you're not mad about these charms in a way - at least you can scratch these off your wish list haha. The Maximus charm is amazing (plain silver, and with a delightfully mischievous expression too) and will be the one I get, if nothing else too!Ahaha! I expect my banker has given up on me I am hopeless when it comes to Pandora, as you can well imagine!Thanks for commenting Isabelle! Have a nice evening too Although I do like the collection and there are a few pieces that I don't 'hate', I sure do wish Pandora would stop with the hearts. Omg I am so excited your post has made me so happy, I am excited that the rose gold collection could possibly be coming to the uk. Tee~ hee! I am so happy for you that your exams are finally over!! xoxoxoxo Hahaha! So you did not get any teal or orange murano?? A. I guess the special glass makes it more expensive! I'm hoping it won't be much more than usual in the UK, though - any more than £35 is pushing it a bit. Oh! I like LE bangle, I have LE paved Heart gift set during promotion ( lucky to get the last small size, I waited until the promotion ), LE 2014 paved Star with paved X'mas Tree $110 and 2 Dainty Bow free. He definitely didn't disappoint me either when I finally got my hands on him - and I'd spent a month waiting for him, so my expectations were high! ^^ It may be a small charm, but there are so many cute details. This pink and red design is perfect for Valentine's Day, I think - I'd like to see Pandora include more red pieces in their Valentine's collections.

Thanks, Emily! I don't really remember everything that 'happens' in Alice in Wonderland, I more have like memories of various weird scenes from it - like the tea party or the drink me thing, and then just the flamingo croquet and the Queen of Hearts at the end! I'm not sure it has that much of a plot though, from what I can remember! ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed the review even though red and yellow isn't your thing. Cinderella and Snow White certainly saw a lot more play when I was younger as well, probably because I didn't really get Alice! The advent calendar is beautiful, wish stores were giving those out as GWP. I think that there's at least something for everyone, perhaps. I ordered from the Disney Store once but the additional shipping and customs charges were actually crazy so that won't be for me again haha. I got a green pave charm, and the 2014 purple butterfly charm theses were from the airport were I got them a bit cheaper. Lovely collection. pandora charm canada maple leaf I bet the brilliant bow just screws on with threads hidden behind the knot. It's beautiful. I would be tempted by some pieces in this collection, especially the brilliant bow! I also notice that pandora has lowered their prices considerably. Instead of one less expensive charm and all the rest $70 and up, there is only one $90 charm. $45 to $50 per charm is still a lot, but much cheaper than most collection price points. Good for them! Hi Michele! The LE Wishful Heart bangle is lovely, but quite honestly, I was hoping for something a bit different this year. Underneath, his base is flat - this means that, if you lay your bracelet flat, he will rest the right way up if you place him that way.StylingOne of my concerns when I first saw this charm in person was that he would look something like a hunting trophy, with his disembodied head. However as soon as you put him in a bracelet design, he looks natural and perfectly at home - not at all like the retired Pandora pig head charm, for example (one which I really don't like!

Oh, lovely, the two-tone bangle is beautiful! I wear mine all the time. Haha, how funny that she just decided to copy you! That does sound like a nice combination though, I've always wanted the one-clip bracelet - it would be fun just to showcase your clips on different days I think.Lol, I can see why that might be a tough one - perhaps you should lead with the $1500 you'd save I expect that they will release some of the missing Disney charms next year for Australia. I definitely love both the bracelet and the charm, I hope you love the doll as much when she arrives with you! Thanks for commenting! ConclusionI'm really glad to have acquired my two must-have pieces from the Summer 2014 collection - I did toy with the idea of taking the plunge pandora charm canada 150 and getting some orange or teal, but so far I've decided to be good and choose what fitted with my existing collection! I posted the details there as to the new characters we can expect to see. There were a couple of unusual beads, which I was very pleased to see! They had one single garnet cabochon spacer (it would have been great if they had two), which I snapped up as soon as I saw it. I've been wanting one of those for years! And the retired poinsettia was also a nice surprise, along with the python murano..I'm sure the new retired beads will be on Rue La La sooner or later I need to try them on, see which l like and to make my decision. Hi Lisa! I am also a little tired of hearts, so I was more excited by the pendant than the proper charm.

That sounds like an absolutely lovely Trollbeads design! I'm sure you will have great fun building it (and wow, 60% off! That was a find!). I really like the Dainty Bow bangle and if I didn't already have three Pandora bangles it would definitely be on my wish list for Winter! I prefer the special LE clasps to the plain Pandora bangle, as I find them just a bit prettier and the special clasp means that they stand out even more when worn on their own as well. I'll be getting the Dainty Bow clip and safety chain at least. Oh, lovely pieces, Ellie! Are you making an animal theme bracelet then? Will you add any muranos on it? I'll let you know when the greek Pandora sales will start. I see congratulations are in order on getting your Lion Dance already. Hi Kiki I am very interested in the new Chinese red Dragon and if they still have the pig and the murano red flower poppy also! I live in Ontario Canada could you please email me pandora charm canada flag at tashwear@hotmail and let me know if you can get them for me or what you can get please?? My name is Helen and if you could tell me in Canadian fund's how much they will cost and the shipping also?? This would be sooo wonderful if I could get all 3 charms and if not the red Dragon for sure, I would be forever grateful to you!! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! Helen I don't think there's another promo that can compare to it! The price point, while quite high for some pieces, is still much more affordable than solid gold - exactly how much value for money you are getting will depend on how well the finish lasts.I think the bumblebee motif was a very good choice; it embodies the good points of Shine, offering contemporary and cute designs that work well in gold but that are maybe not classic enough to merit the price point of 14kt gold. I never worry about the warranty because it is my understanding it is only valid for one year after purchase, if I'm wrong about that let me know.
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