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Look up and youíll see the crane for the Broken Hill Foundry (the second new map) above.Broken Hill Mine Evacuation Campaign Effects:Hunter Win: Mining Drones get repurposed as Shield Drones for the Hunter team in the next match.Monster Win: Destroying the mining drill makes the environment tectonically unstable. The resulting earthquakes will flush out birds from the surrounding areas, deceiving the Hunters as to where the Monster is really located.Along with iron, nickel, copper, and aluminum, the Foundry smelts the tons of ultrastable bohrium produced by the mine. There are several foundries dotted across the colony, and Broken Hillís is the largest.Broken Hill Foundry gets you out of the wilds of Shear and into an industrial complex. Itís an overlapping mix of open areas, corridors and low ceilings create new tactical options for both Monster and Hunter Runescape players. In the warehouse alone, there are three levels to stalk prey. Another area takes you through the streets rs gold Ė and to the rooftops Ė of Slagtown where a Monster can be lurking around every corner. Crates of bohrium, found throughout the facility, can be eaten as food for the Monster. Though the crates are easy meals, they donít have a pop top. Breaking them open makes considerable noise and give away the Monsterís location.Broken Hill Foundry Evacuation Campaign Effects:Hunter Win: Energy-dense bohrium is used to supercharge the Hunterís jetpacks.Monster Win: Destroying the foundry engulfs the Monster in bohrium gas, making its melee attacks even more powerful.The Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry maps will be available for free, and are coming first to Xbox One on March 31st, followed by PC and PS4 on April 30th.Evolve: Hunters Quest is a Match-3 puzzle combat game that takes Runescape players on more than 100 missions set in the Evolve universe. Runescape players join a team of Hunters on the planet Shear in search of new and unique wildlife and Monsters. Throughout the missions, Runescape players must match three tokens of the same color to unleash devastating attacks on their enemies, fill up energy bars to activate Huntersí special abilities, and earn Mastery Points to level up their characters.For fans who purchase Evolve on PC or console, Evolve: Hunters Quest also links directly into the main game for an expanded experience that can be enjoyed on-the-go. Runescape players can apply their Mastery Points earned in Evolve: Hunters Quest to characters in the Evolve game on any platform. Runescape players can also discover and unlock unique game art, and enhance their console skills by watching replays of their online Runescape player matches from a strategic top-down view. Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulation) is a crowd-funded racing game where the community participates in the development of the Runescape game.Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.
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