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Russell Blackwood
Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 2:32 pm Reply with quote
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Hypnodrome Head Trips

Astounding Music! Grotesque Comedies! Amorous Appendages!
Plus A Night of Unbridled Lust and Mayhem!

San Franciscos sensational Grand Guignol venue pulls out all the stops
in a startling line-up of entertainments, indulgences and oddities!
Hypnodrome Head Trips, an all-new Thrillpeddlers extravaganza
Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday night!

To celebrate being named one of San Franciscos latest Literary Laureates, Czar of Noir Eddie Muller presents his adaptation of ORGY IN THE LIGHTHOUSE, a Grand Guignol classic shocking even by todays standards. When religious devotion collides head-on with rampant lust during a stormy night in a desolate lighthouse all hell breaks loose. Russell Blackwood directs Eric Tyson Wertz, Larkin Boero, Joseph Holmes, Leah Dashe, and Yusef Lambert in this sexy, spine-tingling, and combustive one-act drama.

Jean Vadim is a gay-nineties Parisian bon vivant about to be decapitated by the guillotine for a crime he did not commit. Luckily, the prison physician, Dr. Maris, has a method for sustaining Vadims life or the life of his head, at least. THE JULIET DRUG and THE GLASS WOMB, are the first chapters of writer/designer Jonathan Hortons original theatrical weird science serial, premiering at the Hypnodrome and highlighted by fantastic visual effects created and constructed by the author himself!

COBRA, legendary jazz composer John Zorns most popular improvisational game piece, has been performed publicly or in private, and never the same way twice by forward-thinking musicians around the globe. For its Hypnodrome incarnation, musician and video artist Jamie Moore conducts a dazzling, ever-changing roster of superb local talents through the mysterious, playful, and ever-shifting musical terrain that is Cobra. At times it descends into sonic psychodrama but at its best, its magic. Performers are drawn from local bands Disappear Incompletely, Telepathy, Space Heater, Turtle Island String Quartet, Sizemix, Realistic Orchestra, Gubbish, and Embryonic.

CHICK HABIT is an homage to all souls damned to the lake of fire by the gospel tracts of Jack T. Chick. These entertaining and often terrifying comic strips were created as roadside bombs for use by the evangelical Christian movement. Thrillpeddlers provide the voices, and Chick supplies the word in these literal reenactments of the Chick canon: evolution, drugs, sex, witchcraft, gay marriage and eternal damnation all get the fire-and-brimstone Jack T. Chick treatment in this ever-changing cycle of skits.

It takes a big dose of sodium pentathol to drag the truth out of THE EMPRESS OF COLMA. The new Queen of the Damned has a secret to keep from her South City gal pals and it aint pretty. Veteran Hypnodrome contributor Rob Keefe pens another hilariously grotesque comedy-thriller that can only lead one place straight into Thrillpeddlers signature lights out SPOOKSHOW finale! Buyers of Shock Boxes beware! Our private boxes can literally be an electrifying experience!

Hypnodrome Head Trips
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m.
575 10th Street (between Bryant and Division), San Francisco
Previews March 1 10, Opening March 15 April 28
General Admission: $25, Shock Box seats for two: $69
Box Office:
or 1-800-838-3006
Info: 415-377-4202
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Daniel Zilber
Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:22 am Reply with quote
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Here's the first review:

A Grand Time at Grand Guignol
By Linda Ayres-Frederick - San Francisco Bay Times, March 29, 2007
Tucked under the 101 freeway on-ramp at Tenth Street is the Hypnodrome, one of the secret hideaways of San Francisco alternative theatre and home of the Thrillpeddlers show Head Trips, which includes Orgy in the Lighthouse. With high technical production values, Thrillpeddlers lives up to their name, delivering thrills that stimulate the mind and other portions of the anatomy. The theater itself has a rear section reminiscent of an intimate Parisian casbah with softly draped, velveteen cushioned private shock boxes that are literally electrifying. The safer seats above the stage afford unobstructed viewing and are high enough to escape the liquids that might emerge from the stage.

And there is much to view in the tradition of their specialty of Grand Guignol, dramatic entertainment that deals with macabre subject matter and over-the-top graphic violence. The violence takes on the quality of unbridled Lust and Mayhem accompanied by music of the GG genre, except for the first original number Cobra, an improvisational game piece by composer John Zorn. Beginning with a pleasant visual head trip on-screen by video artist Jamie Moore, Cobra is accompanied live by a changing roster of highly talented local musicians. Violinist Alan Lin and clarinetist Aaron Novick played suberbly. At times descending into sonic psychodrama, the magical Cobra travels through mysterious, playful, ever-shifting musical terrain.

The Juliet Drug and The Glass Womb are the first chapters of writer/designer Jonathan Hortons original sci-fi serial and are both premieres highlighted by his own fantastic visual effects. The subject is Jean Vadim (Yusef Lambert), a gay-nineties Parisian bon vivant about to be guillotined for a crime he did not commit. Guard (Eric Tyson Wertz) lets in Priest (James Toczyl), the young man (Joseph Holmes) and a trail of luscious lovers attempting to save Jean. Dressed in increasingly gorgeous period attire, they include Voleta (Leah Dashe), Mlle. Rachelle Delit (Larkin Boero) and Mme. Tempeste Gachette (Heidi Wolff). Luckily, the prison physician Dr. Marais (Russell Blackwood) has a method for sustaining Vadims life or at least the life of his head. The tale takes us into the laboratory with hysterical results from amorous appendages!!

Tucked in between Drug and Womb is the slightly less effective Chick Habit, the religious tracts of Jack T. Chick. Chick returns to the screen for a comic-strip homage to the lake of fire: roadside bombs for use by the evangelical Christian movement. Thrillpeddlers provides the voices and Chick supplies the words of the fire and brimstone canon against evolution, drugs, sex, witchcraft, gay marriage, and eternal damnation. Perhaps if we didnt see the actors reading and just heard their voices, Chick would have more kick.

Orgy in the Lighthouse, a GG classic, is Czar of Noir Eddie Mullers adaptation of Alfred Marchands original script. Orgy is enjoyably shocking in its collision of religious devotion and rampant lust during a stormy night in a desolate lighthouse. Kudos to the cast who arent afraid to show what theyve got but in, oh, the most tasty and tasteful of ways!

The final offering of the night is Rob Keefes Empress of Colma directed by Dave Meier. All the stops are pulled out when a heavy dose of drugs drags the truth from the new Queen of the Damned and her South City pals, including fag hag Marcie (the incomparable Heidi Wolff) with her dead-pan admission: The worst way to liberate painkillers from the dental school is to look like youre trying to liberate drugs from the dental school. This hilariously grotesque comedy thriller can lead only one place: straight into Thrillpeddlers signature lights-out Spookshow finale! Hold on to your hat and find your way down to the entertaining indulgences and oddities of the new Thrillpeddlers extravaganza!
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