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Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:13 pm Reply with quote
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Hi guys, im a brand new Member of this site.
Nice to be here.Very Happy

We are rehearsing "a crime in the madhouse" and we have a little problem.
The character one-eye is getting burned in her face,on a hot stove.
The "problem" is that we need to apply it on stage during the scene.
Any ideas how we shall create a decent make up?
And how to put it on her face "in the heat of the action"?
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Rocco van Loenen
Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:36 pm Reply with quote
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I have no idea how your stage set up looks like. But you need to have a place where at least the upper part of the body is blocked from the audience (behind the stove?) While wrigling in agony the victim can stick on a prepped piece of latex. With latex you can make all sort of scars. Make it nice and bloody so people don't look to good.

But this only works if the action goes on.

I just read that One Eye gets attacked, they put her face on the stove (the face sizzles away in a burst of bloody steam). They lift it up (you see the oozing head). and smash it against the stove killing her.

The make up doesn't have to have that much detail. Maybe a bloodbag under the black patch "One eye" wears will do the trick. They break it when they put the "unseeing side of One Eyes face" on the stove

The oozing stuff, blood and other sticky stuff can also be on the stove. So how does the stove looks like?

The difficult part is selling the part that it's realy hot. The set up we're they wet the piece of cloth (to cover the girls face who get's her eye cut out) and dry it on the stove, sending up plumes of steam, pretty much does the trick.

So if the audience believes that the stove is hot, the moment you put a face on or near it, that's where the suspence is.
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Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:38 am Reply with quote
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Rocco is not proposing that you create actual steam against someone's face. In the first place, steam burns are very painful; in the second place, you should never put an actor's face near an actual heating element.

Instead, sell the burn with details. If it's supposed to be a gas ring, put an orange light under it so it glows against the actor's face. If it's a hot surface like a grilltop stove, add a sizzle sound effect when the face touches it. In either case, you can create a very believable burn effect by lightly stippling red and purple greasepaint onto the surface. When the face is pressed against it, the makeup lifts off onto the face, simulating a contact burn. For a little extra grotesquerie, the person holding the head can conceal a bag of liquid gelatine in his hand, and burst it at the proper moment to simulate a weeping wound.

If you want smoke/steam (artificial, of course), conceal a tube in the grill and activate it at the proper moment.
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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:31 pm Reply with quote
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If it's a hot surface like a grill top stove, add a sizzle sound effect when the face touches it. In either case, you can create a very believable burn effect by lightly stippling red and purple greasepaint onto the surface.

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