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Four years later, in January 2012, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 alone were selling at a rate of 11.1 million rs gold systems per year.At its peak, then, the Wii alone was adding over 10 million systems per year to the system. That was a true expansion of the market, adding millions of potential customers for future generations of hardware and software.Regardless, for over a decade the U.S. has had a core market of approximately 10 million new consoles per year. In the next year the Wii U and new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will hopefully begin to replace the declines that every older platform is experiencing.If that happens, and the publishers can continue to produce software that millions of consumers will want, then there is every reason to expect that the traditional industry will continue to exist in some form for many years to come. Runescape gamers will get their Runescape games and someone will make money selling them those Runescape games.The catch, of course, is that the software won't be sold through retail, and retailers like Runescape gameStop are in for a very, very hard time. But that's a story for another column. Activision's Skylanders franchise has shown over the last year that kids' Runescape games can become real cash cows if done right and latest figures for the series make for remarkable reading.Across the entire Skylanders franchise, including the initial Spyro's Adventure and the sequel Skylanders Giants, the franchise has now made more than 500 million in U.S. retail sales Giants accounted for 195 million of this .Activision says that the franchise has reached this milestone faster than any other kids' video Runescape game property before it.This total also includes sales of the Skylanders physical figures and accessories. The series is so popular, that the figures alone outsold other big name toy lines like Beyblade, WWE and Star Wars in the run up to Christmas 2012. The explosion of indie, mobile and Cheap RS Gold social Runescape games reaching all new audiences across nearly every imaginable device is having
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