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In my opinion, World 11 is†by far the best video game documentary yet In my opinion, World 11 is†by far the best video game documentary yet. Far better than the dross that was Video Games: The Movie ,†and much more fact filled than many of its other contemporaries, RS 07 Gold while still remaining entertaining. †All in all this movie is a must watch, must own and must watch again! Itís a nostalgic journey of joy from start to finish that any discerning†video game fan should find the time to watch, especially those like myself with a penchant for all things Atari.

In the first part of this series we showed you five of the many Nintendo Game Boy titles available to purchase in the 3DS eShop. We reviewed them, rated them and told you if they worth downloading, and now we re looking at five more. Are these Game Boy games†monochrome masterpieces or just a pile of black white boredom? thersgolds Letís find out!Side PocketWhile pool games had been done before, they had never been done properly until the arrival of Side Pocket by Data East in 1986. This new coinop soon attracted arcade audiences with its funky jazz music, colourful graphics and digitised images of sexy ladies!

The game also seemed to borrow heavily from a popular movie of the time Ė Martin Scorsese s The Color Of Money †featuring†Tom Cruise and Paul Newman So much in fact that the two main characters in the game seem to have been lifted exactly from the film you certainly wouldnít get away with that kind of plagiarism now! Runescape Gold The game offered games of standard 9ball pool alongside some ingenious trick shot contests and controls that allowed you perform outrageous pots. Some four years after Side Pocket first hit the arcades,†this Game Boy version followed. Whilst simplified for the handheld device most notably the lack of colour , itís still great fun to play and works rather well on the small screen. Numbers are used to define the balls and you still have some pretty special potting skills. Graphics are pretty standard but we must give particular mention to the outstanding music that had us bopping away.
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