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Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:55 pm Reply with quote
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Amazon Deal of the Day: Pokemon Black/White $10 Off. If you've been meaning to Blade & Soul Gold pick up the latest iteration in the Pokemon franchise, I have to ask--what the heck are you waiting for? Now that I've gotten that out of the way, if you have yet to get either Pokemon Black or White and have the slightest interest in the current generation of Pokemon RPGs, don't delay and head over to Amazon immediately. The online retailer is offering $10 off Pokemon Black and White, which means you can pick up the Blade And Soul games for $25.Gaming is an expensive activity, so it makes sense that some gamers wait for deals to pick up the hottest Blade And Soul games at budget price. If your inner Pokefan is begging you to get the latest entries in the series, now would be the perfect opportunity. After all, the deal will only last a day, so take advantage.Maybe you're wondering if Pokemon Black and White are worth buying. Well, why don't you check out our full review of Pokemon White to decide if the latest twin releases are for you?Pokemon Black and White are easily two of the best releases in the entire bsgolds series, and they've managed to collectively sell over 2 million copies in North America.
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