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XP for credits and appear out for that number of goodies for sale in the store, including prismatic stars, lamps, skill DarkScape Gold outfits and rarities from Treasure Hunter.XP trading will run before the 25th January and the store will shut again around the 1st February.Oh yes, December is here. By now you've opened the first window in your advent calendar, played your first guiltfree Christmas song and located which of your 200 Christmas tree lights was spoiling it for the rest of them.So, if you're wondering what's next on your Christmas todo list, the Jagex has got you covered.Punctual as ever, Christmas has now came to RuneScape, complete with quests, Livestreams, events and a sack full of extra festive fun.Incase you got one of those scandalous, nonchocolate advent calendars, the long standing mmorpg has something sweet to make up for it, in the form of a RuneScape Christmas advent calendar of its own. Every day that you log in to RuneScape will grant you another free special gift, ranging from rare stuff to cool stuff to useful stuff.Every week throughout the festive season there'll be a new challenge for yuletide mmo fans to take part in, ranging from standard questtype activities to a special "Great Gielenor Bake Off" cookery competition, which will be available to players that meet the challenge every week.There a whole heap of other activities too, so be Deadman Mode Gold sure to sign into RuneScape to get your freebies and check out the festivities!
We have designed
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