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Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:56 pm Reply with quote
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Ok I got the base of the sceptre and RuneScape gold that I got the right skull half from the minotaurs now All I need is another bottom of the sceptre and the left skull half. . .But then I will need to fight ankous...I don't think I'm good enough to battle ankous....Heres what I'll be sporting: Sorry no picture, Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune plateskirt, And the meals Im using are: Lobbies. So... Those are my stats because I want to kill a few ankous I don't know if I will survive to receive my left skull . Thanks For Answereing!

Since Pking is pretty much dead a pure is not really going to do much anymore, but you can still make one in the event that you want. Train Attack and Strengh on Dummies at Varrock, after getting to the maximum level you can get on them begin taking on goblins, guys, chicken etc etc.. As your levels get higher and greater move on to stronger npcs. I'd suggest you train you attack and strength in a lot of 5 levels. Progression like this will be effective. 5 Attack, then 5 Strength, then 10 att, then 10 strength, 15 att, 15 str, 20 att, 20 str, 25 att, 30 str (you ought to be able to train more better in the 25-30), 30 att, 35 str. 45 att, 55 str, 50 att (if you would like to stop here with Buy RS gold assault and receive a gmaul and then train str such as mad, go for it.)
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