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Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:48 pm Reply with quote
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I want to understand what it's best for me to use / have in my inv. And what if I use, mage, range or mele? Also if I was to visit Sara or NBA 2K Coins zammy would I want different gear? I only have 1.6m atm so I think range would be my best option. Thank you for your help/time Paul. I would seriously not consider gwding unless you're able to get 80-80-80 /90 range. Most acceptable Tiny teams Won't even consider you unless you know everyone there (just how I go to bandos)

For melee: Sara GS (borrow it from a friend), Bandos Tassets, Karils top/zam de hide top/Arma chest, V helm/T helm/Netiz should you have also. 52 summoning at least to get a soul terrorbird, 12 sharks/brews do assist in the long term. Best of luck. Im interested in what other men and women consider which robes will be better on f2p. So I'm wondering which is important for a mage? Is the'higher Magic Atk and Magic Def' from the combat robes more significant or is that the'greater Melee/Range Def and convience of not having to recharge' in the runecrafter robes more acceptable?

Welcome. I thought I would make a thread, that is easy and quick, this is jsut to your normal questions, for example, what level is it to go into god wars ect; ect;. I thought I might create this thread, to help other people. Since alot of these questions are fruequently asked, and we shall post the question, and reply below, to make it simpler for all you people around. Additionally, if I have not posted an answer, don't hesitate to place one yourself. . The Fruequently requested!

To get beyond the boulder on the way there, [the rapid way] you want 70 power and you need to have completed a couple of quests. I forgot exactly what ones. soz. To enter the dungeons that you need the following: Zamorak: you want 70 hitpoints. Saradomin: 70 agility. Armadyl: 70 ranged. Bandos: 70 strength. I'll add more when they appear.

Bear in mind the old runescape? Individuals goes behind varrok on world 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 to sell rares, armor, and trimmed stuff? Then you would see the one person who says"selling muddy key. . .500k!" Well, I wondered what happened to all the muddy keys in the planet, and went to purchase one on the Excahnge. First, I found out that they had been... 3.4k. Well when they are 3.4k then most of the men and women who bought them for 500k are morons. I left out with a great deal of decent items, all of which I sold on the G.E. I spent such as 17k on the keys, also made out with over 30k in the torso. I never understood it actually was decent in any way. I just have one question... where do you get mussy keys out of Buy NBA 2K MT anyway? And why would you sell them for 3.4k when it is possible to get over 7k from what they give? I know its not a fantastic way to make amoney in any way, but its kinda fun to go in the wildy to really DO SOMETHING nowadays.
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