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A delivery Suarez Liverpool Problem Step 1: Chiellini Suárez approaches from behind during an attack of Uruguay Phase 2: Liverpool striker moves the head near Chiellini's shoulder as he prepares to attack Phase 3: Suarez seems to hold the claws and bite each shoulder luis Suarez Chiellini to disciplinary action face from FIFA after allegedly stabbing Giorgio Chiellini ... In Christmas on Tuesday, with only 12 minutes to go between Italy and Uruguay, Luis Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into Giorgio must Chiellini.At while the referee failed to spot the incident, but FIFA now has he got involved, says on its website set up to investigate actions that the 27 year old. Uruguay Suarez at 17:00 local time (21:00 GMT) on Wednesday to present evidence, and FIFA could ban ahead for up to two years.But what the punishment should be? Here Sportsmail experts their opinions on what they think should be disciplined ... Suarez Luis Suarez new images allegedly biting Giorgio Chiellini Shocking: pale shoulder Girogio Chiellini bite during the victory of Uruguay in Italy Annex A: Chiellini pulls down his shirt Giorgino to show the teeth marks the referee Luis Suarez: These things happen - collided with the shoulder More ... Luis Suarez September to disciplinary action from FIFA after allegedly stabbing Giorgio Chiellini face ... But if he should be punished? Luis Suarez has yet to master the art of a sincere apology and if found guilty of biting Giorgio Chiellini expects 'no' to be delivered by the bite teeth clenched Luis Suarez Giorgio Chiellini wins on a Norwegian fan more than 175 -1500 after betting Liverpool man to sink his teeth into an opponent during the 2014 FIFA Luis Suarez bites 15 ... must be strong and follow the rugby book example playing in Uruguay after the third incident in five years Jeff PowellIndefinite FIFA suspension over the world and serve as FIFA Coins least six months. Ban can only after the mandatory counseling and an independent psychological evaluation be withdrawn is mentally fit to return.Laura WilliamsonLuis Suárez, an international ban on 10 party as an absolute minimum, but more importantly, a rehabilitation element there must be punishment. Tuesday incident marked the FIFA 15, FIFA 15 and Uruguay, but also the club Suarez, Liverpool and the Premier League and can not allow this to happen again. Prohibitions and sanctions clearly have little effect, so there must be something else to do to get through this brilliantly talented but ultimately flawed player.
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