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It can reach US 50,000 goal by comfortable ten days. It was not until this day, so the real question is, who is willing to make the fan base online roleplaying game Final Fantasy XIV developers were not interested in the first place, said 50,000. From a long list of goals stretches that can be implemented after reaching the initial threshold publication of attention. Additional objectives of a total of 60,000 start here complements the first creature that Rocharus mountain, and travel before the reconstruction of the system, which still swear cars. Kickstarter dream to be in Mount Rocharus explosion with the objectives of introducing Titels.Die delivery poses yet another nonfans interested, but lies in the very different heights. For 250,000 while investors are buying, for example, support the roof Rift VR goggles. It is a bit cheaper and user interface modification 200,000. Because he dared to cost 625,000, is FFXIV Gil the renovation of the engine and then make a beautiful renovation. This investment may be worth even more than that if the Community mobilizes millions of dollars and it is one of the developers of space travel erwartet.The reconstruction now also on the steam Greenlight. And Kickstarter Kingdom Ora reconstruction an open beta successfully started early in the morning publisher Aeris in Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS successfully managed server and then the Kingdom of forums Forum Ora is high and gave roles to play Final Fantasy XIV open beta games for free. So far, Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS available only in English. Good news for all fans of the kingdom aura news As previously announced, fired publisher Aeris in Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS anime MMO last night in the open beta. That Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS is now available to any person without a prior call. Unfortunately, so far only in English, because the German language has not been announced so far, but it's only a matter of time. 'Aura Kingdom to play, you have to register your account Aeris in Final Fantasy XIV GAMESS on the English side of the United States
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