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Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:05 pm Reply with quote
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So, you are an avid World of Warcraft player, you have just started, or made a big comeback to the game? No matter what your status as a player is, you are in for a treat.

We have all been to that point where we wanted gold, items or mounts the easier way round. We all know that pain of grinding. Sometimes it feels impossible to obtain something we have been craving for a while. It was rather painful for me to wait for that Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake, but it is, to this day, my favorite drake. I am a devoted, fanatical collector of all things dragon. It didn't matter which game I played - if it had dragons, I had to have them all. You should have seen my dismal face when I realized what it takes to obtain Vial of the Sands for the Sandstone Drake. Not all of us have enough money to buy in Blizzard's shop, nor the time to grind all that gold - Auction House prices, really? So, I had to find the way to obtain the things I needed or wanted in some other way.

I am not PvE nor PvP oriented. I like both. Of course, like any other player, I spend my time doing all that side stuff as well, like going fishing with a few friends and just chatting with my guildies. I easily get distracted, and my guildies, well... They like to organize lots of fun RPG stuff. I even stopped counting how many weddings we organized, especially since I always had to play the role of a priest. I am a holy priest, go figure.

How did I start collecting stuff I wanted?

Nevertheless, I like having cool gear, ride a cool mount, and look cool overall while I heal my raid. So, how do I manage to have all that fun, and still be able to have all I need? No, I don't spend countless hours playing, I found another way. Here's how.

A guildie introduced me to That's when all the fun started. I quickly browsed through the things they offered, and they bought me already. I never managed to find a site selling so much stuff, for such reasonable prices. It seemed unreal. I checked the items I needed, the mounts I wanted, and I was in awe. It was all there and so affordable!

Of course, my mind started to raise some suspicions. Is it okay for me to buy here? Am I too gullible for putting my trust in this site and was I ill-advised? Well, my guildie who recommended the site had far too much credential with me so that it was hard not to believe him. I decided to give it a try. Soon, I would realize all my suspicions were unjustified. I got what I wanted. turned out to be a reliable site. It didn't ask too much, my account was uncompromised, and I am not a bit sorry for the money I spent there.

How I started profiting with

My story of profiting with this site was too big not to share with the rest of the WoW community. It was during the Warlords of Draenor expansion that I was leveling my warlock. For some reason, I never thought of giving affliction warlock a try up to that point. From what I could tell, engineering profession seemed to be the best option for my DPS, so I decided to pick it up. Also, it was the only profession I had never taken. I guess because I could always ask a friend if I wanted something.

Thinking of the pain of leveling up another profession, since I was down that road too many times, made me postpone it as much as I could. After I was introduced to Raiditem, I decided to check their site for materials, and yes, I was thrilled. They had so many available materials that leveling up a profession was a mere breeze compared to the old-school way. Soon, I had it maxed and ready to sell on the Auction House. For investing a bit of money, I ended up with a huge profit from the Auction House. I cashed in my engineering, and it ended up a fruitful profession which provided me with enough gold.

Grinding gold for a subscription - is it achievable?

Subscription tokens are on the constant rise - is it even possible to grind so much and still have time to do all the fun stuff? With the introduction of tokens as a way to pay for a subscription, it seemed that WoW would be more affordable than ever. I even have many friends who got back to the game because of that.

Now, people get discouraged to make a comeback when they hear of the insane amount of gold needed for a subscription. At some point, it seemed to me that I would really have to work more on my professions and stop giving the others stuff for free. There is that guild code where we provide guildies with free things. Of course, I think it is great, but that won't pay my subscription. I had to find a way to profit more.

I visited Raiditem for some material in order to produce more, and that's when I found out they were selling gold too. I know, I should have seen it sooner, but I was distracted with the mounts, remember? So, I checked their prices and it shocked me that I could get insane amount of gold for such a small price. Five million gold available for purchase, really? It seemed insane!

I decided to go for one million and do what my heart wanted with it. I even got two tokens for my friends who gave up WoW because they were bored with mindless grinding for a subscription. It was a great trade.

Should you try it?

Since my first buy with, I am constantly coming for more. They are my main source of gold income. After using this site for a while, I decided to write about my experience with them. I thought that if I could help someone with their grinding, it would be great. Also, this site deserves the praise - they saved me plenty of time and nerves.

To end my story, if you are a collector like me, you need items, materials, or you want to obtain an insane amount of gold, I would highly recommend that you give this site a try. It made my life much easier and WoW experience much more enjoyable. Not to mention, there are other games for which you can obtain currencies and much more.
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