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This female ghost is key, currently found in three practical route: a pure protection stream; 2 output queen stream; 3 mash auxiliary flow 1 pure protection. There is no doubt that a point guard is to fill, select ghost mode. Then give her (it?) Equipped with a variety of add attributes, attribute stacked as high as possible. Because there are some properties will be added to your body, and then the extra skill points can point gift [die] points of the second page is the HP recovery speed that ensure critical nonetheless. Note: You will find yourself instantly viability storm high output up a lot. Also save a few features. 2. violence output. Focus on the second page, with the third page of the attack recovery, attack speed and strong survival skills class. Through a variety of combinations and experiments, found that the Queen actually high output no where to go. Qing speed is about your 50%. After all, no skills available. Characteristics with the specter of rapid resurrection, the specter of injury, improve blood and so on. Anger is recommended not to use, there are several full rage plus ghost ability characteristics. Description: This course useless in the case of a group of monsters surrounded. But in the single digits for the time BOSS A useful comparison. Monomer output and high survival rates are quite able to attract the right amount of hatred 3 mashup. Novice recommended. All three points. Characteristics with the specter of rapid resurrection, viability feature is optional. Defensive skills on the first page, injury shift output to enhance class skills at least 1:00. Focus on RS Gold the second page of the IAS, other survival skills class is recommended 1:00. The third page of the attack focused on recovery skills, control field can 1:00. Which of several specific skills or even heightened by their own bias, as the case may be, do not point the output of skills on the line. Also note that the suicide bombers. . Wrong, it should be a ghost bombs must be full. Description: Ghost alive on the role of a certain bonus, there are control field, but also give you back when attacked hemocyanin fighting. Recommended melee mode. Of course, she is also very brittle, once the fire was set immediately explode, the effect is simply Baqun ah!
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