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Hunters track, tame, and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wild. They use bows or firearms, hunters consider their weapons and their pets at their only true friends.Hunters are great for pulling monsters as they are able to lay traps that hinder monsters that hunters take to the attack. Hunters are also able to use various beast related special abilities, take on bestial traits that allow them to do things they could not do normally, use a variety of ranged attacks supplemented by a little melee capabilities, and the ability to control and beasts.Tame hunters are closely related to their pets and must not forget to always keep the happiness of their pet in mind. When the use of an animal, the hunters will notice an icon in the upper left corner of their screen that indicates the level of their pet's happiness. Hunters must always think to feed their pets to raise the level of their pet's happiness or worry about their pet's abandon them or even attack the Hunter! Hunters are also the only class able to name their pets.

The Hunter is primarily a class were going to attack. It has melee attacks, but its damage at short range goes far beyond its Hunter melee capabilities.The also used traps, which set you in advance and draw monsters in. Use of ranged combat, debuffs, and traps are a large class pulling groups.Engineers can create scopes that can be attached to your bows and guns to increase their fire power. Are looking for an engineer to create one for yourself or buy one at the auction house. Always use the best ammunition available. Engineers can make the gun ammunition if sometimes it will be good to have ammunition to them instead of buying a merchant NPC. These can speed up the rate of fire of your bows and guns so that it is always best to use.

Hunters are most powerful when in ranged combat. You should always try to attack via range whenever possible. The Hunter is supposed to run during the fight. Hunters have a minimal scope when using ranged weapons preventing them to fire their weapon when the monster is in this area. When this happens, hunters should balk at the monster to fire their weapon remotely again. If the monster starts attacking you, you have several methods available for backing up away from him to shoot with your bow or gun: start a fight using your pet and wait a bit before attacking the monster yourself. Once the monster has acquired a certain hatred towards your pet, engage in the battle. If the monster starts attacking you instead, use your pet taunt ability. Rush and attack a monster with a cut-off of wings, then switch to Aspect of the Cheetah. Start running away from the Monster for a while.

The Hunter aims to stay away from the monster and shoot him at point-blank range. When you team up with other players this becomes more difficult. When the monster decides to attack members of other parties it will get breast of your minimum range if you're standing next to the rest of the game. For this reason, it is best to stay away from the members of the other parties to the fighting. In this way, if the monster attacks the rushes or against them, you can still continue shooting at point-blank range. Are also members of the party know that they should never run back to you because this will also bring the monster within your minimum range. Be understanding to the other members of the group that you are going to be a bit away from them during the fight. Another thing to watch is other members of the group taking the monster. Often, it is best to use the Hunter or pet of the Hunter to shoot.

If you happen to celebrate with multiple hunters make sure that each of you knows where Sting to use. Each Hunter can have a Sting active at a time. If you have two fighters, it's been two bites that can be on the monster. Ask your companion Hunter to throw a Sting while you start the other. Hunters have to fight one another if the monster attacks one of them, the other Hunter can still draw from the range. Hunters are great to deal with monsters who fled. The Hunter can shoot arcane during the race shot. It can also use Mark Hunter, while on the run.If you need to hunt a monster player or an enemy as they fled, keep this in mind. If you are attacked by a player when you are not ready to fight them, you can shoot them with the arrow of dispersion, and turn on Aspect of the Cheetah to run away. Make sure that your pet is in passive or to follow so that it won't interrupt the arrow of dispersion. You can also do this against monsters if an additional attack Monster.
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Great tips, i will use the right away

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