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Another concern because some Frightening jiedi Pique famous for his lucky not only in Barcelona and Spain to have won the prize to take, but has a girlfriend singer Shakira days. Small meat Representative: Cork. The same young man born 92 years has been in the league hard-edged, became a rising star. Of course, most importantly, he also has a Zhang Shuai face. Italy: senior guy handsome amount mentioned country of origin, the hearts of many female fans probably only three words: Italy. Since ancient times, the peninsula rich guy, the guy in the history of ever more numerous stars. This World Cup squad, six from Fut Coins Juventus, three from AC Milan. While being regarded as a genius bar of God guy does not belong to a team, but the senior guy Buffon's deep eyes, then all the way, there are still eight or ten can rely on face quell field. Italy does every year expectations, quantitative produce enough guy for female fans anthomaniac. Small meat Representative: Yinmobilai. The 90 after become the Serie A Golden Boot winner, although not shine at the World Cup, but this World Cup who knows he will not be a war fame it? By the time you will find that in addition to his handsome, but also played the ball so well. England: Let us look at and cherish England really a distressed team, assigned to the group of death, the only hope is to win the group after losing to Italy, also slim qualifying hopes up. Therefore, although the number of wrinkles captain Steven Gerrard, a former golden boy Wayne Rooney looks how windy, do not demanding, after watching much of their time, let me see you and cherish it. This World Cup squad uniform all from the Premier League team, but rather a look at the Premier League All-Star. Small meat Representative: Luke Shaw. The boy is also under 19 years of
FIFA coins age. Japan and South Korea World Cup in 18 years like the year Kaka, there is a tender and handsome face, to watch the World Cup, whether it is good, practicing hand worth mentioning, hope that the current surge of popularity in England Shaw guy can catch a limited time, a good performance. Argentina: Do not just stare at these sessions Messi Argentina World Cup a little back, and obviously strong, but always bad so little. But Argentina is a favorite team won the female fans, popularity is difficult to explain with logic. In addition to the smoke powder Macy artifact, a handsome 88-year striker Sergio Aguero who won the Premier League champions Manchester City, Gonzalo Higuain is a typical representative of Argentina guy.
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