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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:07 am Reply with quote
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You know that point in other MMOS, when, after playing for a few hours, you look at your bar experience and wonder, WTF? What is my experience bar, same budged at all? No one likes to feel as they have not done progress, even if they played their character throughout the day. We all hate you, it drives us mad ArenaNet goal with Guild Wars 2 is to flatten the leveling curve, keeping the simple and direct progression! We expect to make a reasonable amount of progress at each session of play. It should not take days of play before feel you like you have made progress, and you certainly should not have to kill a lot of creatures or do a lot of d3 gold repetitive tasks just to see what he ya on the hill-side. We want our progression to follow with your style of play.

Therefore, it is not quests in GW2, you will never to a NPC and read a wall of text that said that for you to pick 10 of bear fur. You can see the content as it arrives, just in front of you and everyone. Well how I am supposed to flatten you ask? The answer to this question is dynamic events. They are always past everywhere around you, when you come across one that you will receive a notification that he ya new events nearby. Dynamic events are structured so that you may see a single one-time event all the way to 20 events in a string. Although a string is not a very precise description, they are more like tree branches. The events are not only in black and white if, this is not as simple that event 1 is 2, then the event 3 event.

Currently when you make a character in an MMO you're just another person who down the Assembly line. ArenaNet is looking to the RPG in MMORPG and this is your personal history comes into play. The creation of the character shape you your character biography. Each profession has its own issue that will affect appearance of your character, your question of personality affect the options of conversation with the NPC, and there are 3 questions you must answer in this race are specific. In what you meet here will direct influence your character in the game. Between all combinations of race and profession with each biography, he is currently different possible combinations for your character.

Each player receives a quarter in the city of their race that will change depending on your selection in your history and is aesthetically unique to your race. The section of the city that you get is instantiated to allow your decisions in your history to be seen. There are thousands of possible variations in the stories, but only you can actually make choices. Although this does not mean that you cannot bring friends along in your personal story missions and vice versa. If you go to help someone with their missions personal history, people over in the most difficult part of the content is and gives more Karma.

Personality is the way in which you roleplay in GW2. He is a mechanic that defines how the people in the world see your character. The original personality is set to the character creation using the biography questions and later refined by the last 100 interactions with NPC characters of the of the world. The game keeps track of three aspects: the ferocity, charm and dignity. Actions and dialogues can change the personality of a character to one of these aspects, for example, a character who intimidates an NPC would increase its ferocity, and soon known as barbaric. Similarly, a character who, often, NPC inconvenience may be known as a villain. You can buy wow gold when you need .Personality can also determine how NPCs react to the nature, market etc can snuggle behind their stalls when he is approached by someone from the barbarian archetype. One of the first titles available in the game is linked to the personality of selected type. It is also possible to use karma to impose the personality of a character on the world for rewards.Significant karma is a non-negotiable reward that you can get by the action of content related to personal history and completion of dynamic events. You can then use Karma to help develop the personality of your character. Everything what you can buy with Karma can also be purchased with coins.
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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:18 pm Reply with quote
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Parse Blizzard's intentions, just to be brought to my point of view here, the hard work that you see here.

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