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Dynamic Content, went are the days of the search for a symbol above an NPCs head to tell you exactly where to go as everyone before you. GW2 content is generated by the dynamic events system which is completely persistent and changes the way everyone sees the content according to your action or action.Active combat, not blows of cheap wow gold trading more with a host of whack-a-mole of combat. Damage in the game is preventable, if an enemy is in aligning a great spell, you can circumvent it and keep the fighting.Underwater battle, ArenaNet has established a system of combat all under water, no more breath to handle bar, a rapid and fluid movement in the water and the entire weapon and skills to go along with it.The Holy Trinity, and good riddance. There is no class defined in GW2 roles. It's fun to hope that a person connects you can actually play a game. You can generally take a combination of professions that you want to the content and to succeed in the same time than any other as long as you please.

No monthly fees, it stunned me that not only ArenaNet is working to change the way we see the MMO, but they are not yet, including a history monthly fee.Personal, to the creation of the character that you will have to choose among a variety of biographical entries on your race which will have an impact on your personal history. ArenaNet aims to the hero and identity in the MMO genre instead of just a character in PvP sheet.WvW, there are 2 flavors of PvP, is the Arena combat style GW1 is currently known for the competitive style. The second type is world vs. World World vs where 3 servers are pit against each other every 2 weeks to do the job themselves on 4 persistent maps filled with 2,000 people on points of capture, collection of resources, scaling the Castle sieging.Level, you never have to worry about your friend is too high a level to allow you to play with him, you can Sidekick to its level or it may low Sidekick to your so guys can play together, regardless of the level curve.Leveling each other, there is not upgrade exponential curve in GW2, is linear and capped quickly. ANet seeks to kill what I have to grind so I can play the game, you get sense in another MMOs.Jumping, I nearly forgot, Yes, you can skip. ArenaNet has established a world entirely made in 3D to allow you to walk in.

When you connect to the game for the first time, you will have the opportunity to choose any available server, or in the world at home. If you choose to select a world at home which is located in a different region from where you purchased your game, you can buy diablo 3 gold when you need ,you will be disconnected for a short period of time while your account is transferred to your new region. Once you have selected a world at home, all the characters that you create will play on this world and represent him in our world-against-world (WvW) format.While you can change your world of origin, there is a limit of a transfer world every seven days by account and a load of 1800 gems for each transfer. A world transfer moves your existing characters all in your world new home. The following characters that you create also play in this new home world.You will also have the opportunity to play with your friends on another world with our guest free star option. With guest star, your characters can play on any world where you have friends with certain restrictions. For example, you will not be able to participate in any WvW guest star.

Here's our philosophy on the micro-transactions: we believe that players should have the opportunity to spend money on items that provide a better visual distinction and provide other ways to express themselves. They should also be able to spend the money on the account services and amenities to save time. But it is never OK for players to buy a game and not be able to take advantage of what they have paid, without additional purchases, and it is never OK for players who spend money to have an unfair advantage over the players who spend time.In Guild Wars 2, we have three currencies: gold, karma, and precious stones. Gold is the common currency of the game. Karma, where players earn in-game, but cannot trade, is used for unique rewards. And the gems are the currency that is purchased and used to purchase micro transactions.We have a new player on the market which allows players to Exchange gold for gemstones and precious stones to gold. If you want something, be it an item in the game or a microtransaction, we end up having two ways to get it: you can play to win gold or you can use the money to buy precious stones. We believe that it is important, because it allows more players to participate on an equal footing, to use their free time or of their disposable income to do so.
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professions that you want to the content and to succeed in the same time than any other as long as you please.

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