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What percentage FUT players participate in the activity that is seen as contrary to the terms of service MK I do not have exact figures, so you have it with a grain of salt. Most of them are alt accounts or false that people use to get things back to the man who is actually building behind him and muddy road. So we try to cut it if you want to talk, trying to get. Closer to the brains off the arms of the octopus Now we draw in the arm comes more and more. FHN For sellers of coins and farmers is an immediate ban for developers and buyers that a three strikes system is a way to give people the opportunity to adjust once they realize their behavior to indicate they have done something wrong MK Yes , absolutely. Because this is the first time we have openly acknowledged that this happens, we want people to understand what they do, what you do and give them time to adjust. Their habits I know it happens once in a while that the people were to be prohibited, prohibited not supposed to, we just want to make sure that real users do not become a victim of this, this is purely for FUT better world for everyone. FHN Absolutely But you have a way for people to use if they feel they have been unfairly banned MK provided. FHN How does it feel to crack down on the sale of the currency, and in particular the promotion of the sale of coins, affect the relationship of EA with FIFA 15 YouTube MK You've already seen in the past that people they are actively promoting the sale of the coin are not really committed to one more of the EA side, trying to get the kids are good to talk to civilians. In the future, if they keep doing what they will be subject to the same restrictions as everyone else.
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