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Arthritis therapy is commonly sought after nowadays as the disease is prevalent in youngsters as well as elderly people. Arthritis was once considered to affect only the aged but with the advent of technology and IT related jobs and growing dependence on vehicles and lesser exercise with sedentary habits it is now even seen in children and even the more aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis has become common. The symptoms associated with the disease such as inflammation of joints, pain, loss of appetite, fever are controlled and treated for in most treatment arenas. But according to Ayurveda, this disease is related to aggravation of ‘ama’ which is a toxic by-product of incomplete digestion and ‘vata’ – gas formed within due to accumulated wastes. This ama has to be digested with a combination of treatment methods which includes fasting , internal purification with regular exercising and major changes in lifestyle and it is considered to be important to check whatever you eat when under treatment and later on to prevent the symptoms from recurring. It is proved that the use of castor oil is beneficial in cleansing the internal system but must be taken only under supervision. Although fasting g is considered beneficial one must consider the medical condition of the patient before adopting these practices. Regular exercising along with relaxation techniques like meditation is effective and this must be done on a strict time schedule and if your life is also systematic then this is a disease that can be effectively controlled.
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