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Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:04 pm Reply with quote
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One week, and the fans in response to trivial questions on Twitter to win a free copy of Titanfall. In the last week, and gave away copies of The Sims 3 beta key games such as Battlefield scape: It was a hard-liners also by this giveaways.This idea is to last from February 4 this year in celebration of the 14 playing The Sims. However, competition was strong and the masses were able to earn themselves bonuses just beautiful to follow the blog of EA and the cost of their own Facebook and Twitter fed (usually a fan tasks need to be done to make the retweeting something or answering questions EA entries). Generally these donations related to the game, which is the center of attention will be soon, or recently for the first time, so it's a good excuse for players to pay attention to the newcomers from EA, a good way for the company to pay new products.Gamers can expect exclusive content to play scape like The Sims 4, which was scheduled for September 2, 2014 to the computer and battle: the hard line that is currently in beta.You can follow them on Twitter at https: // In Facebook at https: //www.facebook. com / EA.Sakurai confirms new game mode Super Smash Bros. for 4 3DS. The last in a series of daily crumple Bruce 4 shots, Masahiro Sakurai, the master developer of Super Smash Bros. series, and he stressed the development of a new game. I put the game RuneScape, entitled feature in Rush Cup in 3DS version of the game RuneScape, perhaps in the version of the WiiU. Along with the picture was a quote from Sakurai. Here is the new mini-game, which is a little different from the launch of the currency Super Smash Bros. Melee. It's called the summit mug! Details ... will be kept secret for the time being. While he prefers to keep secret the details, we can speculate on what might contain rs gold this situation, a new game. Another method mentioned game, Coin Launcher lets you shoot coins in tournaments (main and collected in the game RuneScape) to add it to your collection. Cup of the summit seems to be an alternative Smash Bros. 4 mode, which allows you to get rewards in a similar manner. But this time he did not have to collect a large sum of money to do so.In picture looks like you run a small map Boxes break to score points. Potentially, it can be for these measures prizes in them. Instead, it may be necessary to get enough points to qualify for the cup as a reward at the end scape game (note the progress bar that seems to fill as you point) and, of course, this is all just speculation at this time will have to wait until Super Smash Bros. 4 3DS launches on October 3 as he sought to learn sure.You game - Page 114 of 919 - points titles. Halfbrick game RuneScape offers free iOS.
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