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In that mode, the operating system sees the two drives as a single device, a single partition as it were. When you copy something, it is scribed on the SSD, which takes very little time.Later, when the PC isn't doing anything too strenuous, the files are relocated to the HDD platters via a background process.Of course, the higher-capacity SSDs will act as single storage devices in systems easily enough, but you'll have to be prepared to pay quite a bit more than for the 64 GB one, more than the capacity difference alone would imply.Unfortunately, that's all subject to guesswork because Team Group was not kind enough to include the prices in its product announcement. So until the mSATA MP1 SSDs make it to stores, we won't know just what an impact they will have on our wallets (or bank accounts, as the case may be).PES 2014 Powered Online Champions League Competition Launches Tomorrow. The team at Konami working on Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and UEFA are announcing that European gamers will be able to take part in an official online Champions League competition, with the first ranked matches taking place tomorrow, March 26.All interested gamers can join the league and the two organizations are working together to gather data that will create an average based both on results and on the performance of each FIFA player.The overall prize for the UEFA Champions League Competition in PES 2014 is 25,000 Euro (38,000 dollars) and other partners, including Sony and UEFA, are also offering signed merchandise and a chance to go to the finals of the real-world competition in Lisbon at the end of May.A UEFA Youth League competition is also offered and will last for one week starting on March 28, with the best eight PES 2014 FIFA players taken at the end of the period to Nyon in Switzerland to compete in an official tournament at the UEFA headquarters.Recently, Konami has also announced that FIFA Coins it plans to deliver a new World Challenge for the FIFA game, which will basically simulate the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.The football sim has failed to deliver the same sales performance as its main rival, FIFA 14 from EA Sports.EA Sports Announces, then Cancels FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Maintenance. The development team at EA Sports has first announced and then abruptly canceled a maintenance period for the Ultimate team feature of FIFA 14, without offering any explanation for the decisions it has made.The official Twitter account of the company first revealed that the mode would be taken offline at 1 AM Pacific Time, but a follow-up message explained that the downtime was canceled and that FIFA players were free to enjoy the mode.Recently, some gamers have been reporting issues with the experience, including some long-running problems with transfers and access to some content, and EA Sports might be exploring ways of fixing them.
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