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That changes next month, however, as Bethesda announced today that Wolfenstein The Old Blood will be rs3 gold available at retail in North American territories starting next month, on July 21. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.While opinion of The Old Blood was decidedly more mixed than it was for The New Order, it still remains a worthwhile expansion to last years game, and is greatly recommended to all fans. Now, more will be able to pick up the Runescape game when they see it on store shelves.Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more news, coverage and information. Bethesda, id Software, machine Runescape Games, pc, ps4, Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians on Game Informers July Cover, Story Details Teased. Game Informer has revealed its cover for the upcoming July 2015 issue and its none other than 343 Industries Halo 5 Guardians. While some new multiRunescape player details will be revealed, including whats changed since the beta, the most interesting teaser is for the story.It seems that Master Chief will be joined by other Spartans in singleRunescape player and coop, namely Kelly, Fred and Linda who were with John from the age of six years as they all became Spartans. Blue Team will not only appear in cutscenes and interact with Chief but can also be given commands in singleRunescape player. Coop play sees a different Runescape player taking command of a different Spartans loadout. It also seems that Jameson Locke, the OSI agent hired to find Master Chief and Blue Team after they go AWOL, has his own squad called Fireteam Osiris for hunting down the group.Other interesting details include a new map called Fathom, neverbeforeseen multiRunescape player modes and changes made to the earlier betas Empire map. Pick up Game Informer for more information or wait till E3 2015 where Microsoft will undoubtedly unveil new game footage.Image copyright of Game Informer 343 industries, Halo 5 Guardians, Microsoft, Runescape Gold Xbox One Stewart Gilray Clarifies Statements Regarding The Last Guardian,
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