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Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:42 pm Reply with quote
Guignoler Joined: 10 Mar 2015 Posts: 117 Location: china
The Dark Below could be a potential name for the new Final Fantasy XIV addon, we have put ourselves on the search for possible connections and were able to establish three completely legitimate theories, which is probably the contents of the next enlargement zukommt.Falls ye were on us already pondering and maybe have one or another great idea, then do not be shy, to write them in the comments. We are very excited about what you have so for ideas! You can read her new Special to Final Fantasy XIV. Here read the article Final Fantasy XIV The Dark Is ?? Below ?? just kidding? As our colleague from MMOChampion proved it is still unknown whether it was really Blizzard, the The Dark Below is registered with the US authorities. Thus, the question remains unclear whether this is the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. The message, Blizzard would have the rights to the name The Dark Below secured, provided these days for neat Trouble. Is this an extension of Final Fantasy XIV, or at least for Diablo 3? Could it perhaps be a whole new game? But now it turned out that in fact everyone can make such a request on behalf of FF14 Gil Blizzard. As long as the fee has been paid and the nod of the application, all the action is not relevant yet. In a report on MMOChampion the whole was demonstrated with an example. So an application for Corgis Unleashed was fun, in the name Blizzard filed. This would prove that Blizzard does not necessarily have behind The Dark Below and all the excitement only a bad joke of a user ist.Blizzard itself did not comment yet on the subject and it is said now wait perhaps up to Final Fantasy XIV Gamescom to finally further details to learn about the next enlargement and the comic new name. Source MMOChampion Hearthstone foretaste of the German setting a foretaste of the quality of German dubbing fans of Hearthstone can Heroes of Warcraft recently indulge on the website for the game. The gameplay videos to Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft encompassed in the past several minutes and not saved on a commentary of the action.
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